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         Information you need before you purchase a Hitachi Lamp and retailers rated to benefit consumers in deciding where to purchase their Hitachi Lamp. Consumer value criteria is used to provide consumers a basis for their decision for projector lamps as well as for other lamps and projectors. The sources and pricing for a Hitachi Lamp are provided for your use in making an informed decision for replacing your lamp.

      As with purchasing any expensive product, it is important to be sure you are dealing with a reliable manufacturer or distributor that offers original equipment (OEM) or original equipment compatible lamps. OEM lamps are produced and sold by the original manufacturers such as Hitachi, Sony, Infocus and others, at full retail prices. There are also a number of reputable companies which manufacture compatible high quality Aftermarket lamps and sell them at reduced prices.


      Hitachi Lamps and other projection lamps are indeed light bulbs and usually costs between 200 to 400 dollars. You may rightfully ask why should what appears to be just a big light bulb cost so much? The answer is Projector lamps are made by just a few manufacturers who make such lamps, so competition and supply is relatively low. The lamps all have unique designs, and the components must be of the highest quality to ensure a long life for the lamp.

     Each manufacturer makes multiple lamps which all have different designs and component parts and the tolerance for errors in manufacturing such precision parts is extremely low and any small errors, which are inevitable in manufacturing, will result in a defective product that must be scrapped.

      Even in this high tech. age, the lens of the lamp is made by hand. Highly trained and experienced glass blowers are engaged to make each lens by hand which slows down the manufacturing process and also increases costs. Compare projector lamp based technology to plasma technology to see an alternative to HD projectors as an HD alternative.

     The differences in lamps not only include design and component part differences but also wattage. Each projector requires its own wattage usually ranging from 150 to 300 watts. Therefore, manufacturers are constrained to produce a high volume of bulbs as the company cannot easily predict the demand for each type of wattage and design resulting in a smaller volume of bulbs being available at any given time. With the law of supply and demand being ever present, these factors influence the pricing of the projector lamps.

     An Hitachi Lamp and other projector bulbs are expensive to manufacture because the heat inside the lamp is hotter than the Sun. To contain the heat and not have the lamp burn out they are made of borosilicate glass and fused quartz.  Quartz is a very hard material and requires special equipment and tools to heat and mold the quarts to the specifications. This equipment and tools are expensive in themselves.

     With a purchase price ranging from $200 to $400 and more, a quality Hitachi Lamp is critical to provide you with a long lasting viewing experience. In the end the old phrase "you get what you pay for" holds true in the price you pay for projector lamps. Neither you or us want to pay a lower price for a lamp that burns out prematurely or produces a less than acceptable image.

     In summary, although projector lamps can be expensive, it is important to compare pricing and be sure not to pay full retail for a quality compatible lamp unless there are other considerations that are important to you. Be sure the seller provides a warranty and it is advisable to look for free shipping and handling (preferably overnight) which also reduces your costs.

     Click here to see a list of sellers of your Hitachi Lamp and comparative pricing. Since lamps are generally in short supply, you may not be able to obtain the absolute lowest price if you need the lamp immediately, since that company may be out of stock of your projector  Lamp.